During summer months we have a 3-night minimum during the weekends (Thursday – Sunday). But dependent upon reservations already made, we can offer 1 and/or 2-night minimum stays on weekends. You may choose whichever 3 nights you desire. Also, we offer a free 4th night’s stay (subject to availability) in conjunction with the 3-night stay. We do not have a minimum stay midweek (Monday – Wednesday). We offer a free 3rd night’s stay (subject to availability) in conjunction with a 2-night midweek stay.

All of this aside, we do make exceptions to our policy. As you can imagine, it would be almost impossible to conjure all the situations for an online booking system. For example, the system does not allow for a 2-night weekend stay. But we welcome the opportunity to try to arrange it for you. Also we do have a limited number of single-night stays available during weekends.

Your reservation will be confirmed by us immediately after your down payment has been authorized.

In the past we were able to offer cancellations without any charges if made more than 2 months prior to the scheduled arrival. Unfortunately, the credit card world now charges us for all transactions, whether it is the initial charge or a refund. We do not benefit at all from this and offer credit card payment as a service. In fairness to all guests we have had to adopt the policy of passing this charge through to any “guest” who cancels. We still have have no charges related to a cancellation that benefit us. And, of course, there is no pass-through of this charge for those who stay with us.

The Chesapeake Inn’s strength is the personal attention that we provide you. This starts with the arrangements for your reservation. Again, we encourage you to contact us directly if you are having any difficulty with the automated system.


50% of the stay’s cost is requested as a deposit. The balance is requested 2 months prior to arrival. If a reservation is cancelled more than 2 months prior to the scheduled arrival date, we offer a full refund*. Within 2 months of the arrival date we provide a refund* for for any dates that are re-booked.

* Credit card companies now charge for both the charge and refund of a transaction. In the past, the refund offset the initial charge and there was no impact to us. Credit card companies now charge for both the charge and the refund, so we incur a double charge when a cancellation occurs. These charges will be deducted from refunds. Of course, there is no credit card processing charge for those who stay with us.


We welcome crated, quiet pets to stay in our barn. Unfortunately, because some folks have medical conditions that preclude inaction with pet, we have no accommodations for pets in the main house. Also, there are several kennels in the area and we can assist you in arranging their services.


Children 12 years of age and older are welcome. We are restricted because of considerations regarding the swimming pool and other guests. We will consider exceptions on an individual basis.